Monday, July 30, 2012

Rosemary Potatoes & Steak

Sometimes the easy things in live are the best. I really like cooking and baking but during week days after work I don´t want to spend long time in the kitchen. 

Coincideltally I came across the cooking directions for these potatoes at a German food blog named Einfach Guad. I haven´t tried potatoes in the oven before because I thought they are really too oily and greasy but with this recipe they are so tasty and crunchy. A dream come true, yummy. 
Just sliced potatoes, chopped rosemary and spilled olive oil, salt and pepper over it. Put the potatoes for approx.35-40 minutes on a bun tin in the oven. Take this "quality" time for yourself and enjoy it with a book to wait for the potatoes to get ready.

As my hubs likes to have a good chunk of meat, we brought some beef fillet steaks to go with the potatoes...yes, this way round, not the other. There were potatoes first.

We had a fun evening cooking our meal together in the kitchen, chatting, eating and had of course some white wine. No, I have no wine problem...just La Dolce Vita!

Next time we will probarbly combine a green salad to get some more vitamins in our meal. :o)

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