Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Favorite Movies

Hi girls, had a great night yesterday evening while chilling on the couch and watching one of my favorite movies. That´s when it came to my mind to write a post about my preferences when it comes to movies.
Brace yourself it´s getting kind of girly as I´m not that much into the action or horror genre.

So the movie I watched yesterday was The Notebook based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. When it came to the movies in 2004 I went there straight ahead with one of my dear friends and we cried our hearts out. Even after watching the film over and over again I´m always in tears at the end. 


The lovestory of Noah and Allie always touchs my heart. To see how they met and which struggels they had to face makes me believe in real deep love that bonds you to one another. But my favorite part of the movie are the scenes in the retirement home when Noah and Allie had grown old together and they had to face the influence of her dementia. She mostly can´t remember their story and the happy time they had Noah is reading the story of their lives to her every day and hopes she remembers.
I cannot hold my tears when there are those really short flashes when she is "herself" again and is aware that it is Noah, her husband, that is talking to her all the time and not some random stranger.

Another movie not to miss is The Holiday staring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black, a dream quartett. Shaken by guy-problems Amanda and Iris want to escape their troubles and swap houses over the holidays. London - Los Angeles. 
Even though they don´t intend to - of course - they fall in love during their vacation and have their ups and downs.
You get to know the two very different femal charcters really well and I have to say I adore Iris and her soft and hearty nature even though I like the plot with Amanda and Graham ( hey, Jude Law what else to say) better. 
If I would have to choose one of the houses my pick would be the little cottage in Surrey/London to live in.

As a third all time favorite movie I have to admit it´s Bridget Jones´s Diary based on the novel by Helen Fielding. I´m in love with the clumsiness and her ever present struggle with love, alcohol, her weight and lots of other issues in her live. In some parts we are all a bit like Bridget, let´s face it. Her lovestory with Daniel and Mr Darcy is heartwarming and I´m always struggeling which one of the guys I like better. Scenes like the granny underpants, the gala performance with Mr Titspervert... ahm...Fitzherbert, the blue soup or the reindeer sweater just to name a few.


In generall I like movies with different plots and I tend to pick my my favorite parts of the movie. Let´s say Valentines Day...I would pick the Ashton Kutcher plot, Love Actually, the Hugh Grant plot, New Years Eve, absolutely the Zac Efron get the picture. Probarbly I´m driven by cute guys. Can´t help it.

Which movies are your favorites to watch over and over again?

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