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Review Glossybox May and June 2012

Finally I´m writing my review post about my first two Glossyboxes which I got in May and June.
For those who don´t know Glossybox, you sign up for a monthly abo and get 5 luxury samples of different beauty products. When subscribing you have to fill in a small questionnaire about your skin and hair tone, beauty routines and styling taste. Then you get your monthly box for 15 € incl. shipping.

So here they are:

The content of the May Glossybox was this:

  • Dr. Hauschka Summer Impressions Powder Duo (Original size): This is the most amazing product in my May Box. The bronzing effect is really cool and for my needs it´s perfect. Your skin looks healthy and fresh. Just sunkissed and the texture is amazing to apply. 
  • Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play (Travel size): Should give you more volume, texture and shine. Yes, that´s what it gives your any other hairspray does, too. Nothing really special but a good size for travelling or the purse.
  • The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter (Travel size): Great protection for coloured hair. My hair feels smooth and is really shiny. I like the natural ingredients that are used for the Body Shop Products.
  • Korres Guava Shower Gel (Travel size): Amazing fresh smell but apart from that it´s a shower gel. Fullstop. For everyday use it´s a bit pricy for my opinion. 
  • Payot My Pavot Jour (Travel size):Great smooth texture and amazing peachy smell. I think it´s a great quality daywear moizturizer and if I am ever in need for a substitue of my beloved Estee Lauder Daywear moizturizer I will pick this one.
  • There was a blush brush from Glossybox as an extra goodie in the box. Unfortunately I don´t like it that much because the goat hair is really stiff and not very soft. Has a really cheap feeling I think.

And here we go with the June Glossybox:

  • Alessandro Nailpolish Peachy Cinderella (travel size) : This is my favorite product from my June Box. The coral colour is absolutely great and it applies well on the nails. It stays for a few days without chipping. Not remarably better than other nailpolishes but good.
  • Emmi Nail SOS file (Original Product): Good product with good texture to shorten your nails. I think Emmi products are mostly for gel/acrylic nails but to trim your nails it´s perfect. It comes in a great case so you can keep it in your purse.
  • Tiroler Nussöl SPF6 (travel size): I am totally dissapointed by this product. The SPF is way to small for my light skin tone and with an SPF 6 I would hardly ly in the sun. Nearly the same as going without. Additionally I hate the smell of it. Something like tea-tree oil ...simply blahh and no good pick in reference to my beauty questionnaire.
  • Kryolan Satin Powder Eye Shadow turquoise: Summery colour with it highly pigmented and has a great shimmer to it. Usually I am not that into powders but this one is great. Another colour would have been great because this turquoise colour is a bit to bright for the everyday use bu anyhow a good pick to get to know the brand.
  • EUBOS Hyaluron Repair & Protect SPF 20 ( Travel size):I like that this product has SPF 20 so you are protected for your everyday facial routine. Sadly the smell isn´t that nice in my opinion and with my nearly 25 years I am using this kind of wrinkle filler just for night time and not even on a regular basis.
  • As a goodie I got a tote bag in this box. Functional and for my green consience.

So as you can see, there are some products that I really like and I keep subscribing for the box. There are always some highs and lows and I don´t expect every product in the box to be a big hit. That what testing is for and everyone likes other products. 
Lets see what in it for me in the July Box.

In matters of custmer service I am content with the response I got because of my belated June Box. There where some issues with the shipment and for some reason it wasn´t progressing. But with a short mail they fixed it and simply send out another one. Which arrived very quickly. If I have any further issues I am sure to contact the Customer Service again as they where quick and helpful. 

So what are you thinking? Do you like to test new products and brands?
I definatley do.

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