Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

It´s the middle of the week already and I´m here to show you what caught my eye this week on Pinterest.

I decided to show you pins this Wednesday and the following that have the same topic. So this time I´m going with braceletts or as trendsetter call it armparties these days.
Of course from fashion point of view just as from the DIY point of view as well to not spend a fortune on being fashionable.

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

The golden bangles are so cute, the little bow and the writing! Adorable!

Looks kind of easy to put those together, but haven´t been to the craftstore yet. Hopefully soon to get finally startet with trying some jewellery making. I need some birthday presents for my lovely girls.

Source: via Rose on Pinterest

I am so in love with nearly everything by Michael Kors. Especially the watches. But as this topic is braceletts, I show you this elegant one with horn and gold. There are different kinds of watches with this fabric, too. A light one and a brown one like this.

The light pink and gold wristlets are really cute perhaps you have already recognized that I tend to choose more golden jewellery. Until recently I was more the silver or white golden typ of girl but since our wedding band is bicolour with white and rose gold I feel more open to the other gold colours and mixing them.

In this Pin I like the chunky bangle in peach and light pink. It has a stubborn style but has a feminine look to it, too.

This are my Pins of the week. Check out what the girls over at Michelle´s Blog The Vintage Apple pinned for this week.

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