Sunday, February 24, 2013



Failing in making decisions is kind of a woman's thing isn't it? You know about trends but can't decide with which you'd like to go. While discovering a flash sale at Pieces I'm just thinking very hard which option I'd like to have. Taking two is no option, budget is though these month where are you? ;o)

Which one would you take? Bright or pastel?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pastel Love

With spring just around the corner I just felt like accomplishing some beautiful pastel pieces. I originally planned on a furniture post but there will be time for this soon.
The soft pastel shades feel so fresh and I'd love to wear more of it soon. Right now it feels kind of funny with this colors but good as well. Today at work I wore a bright pink t-shirt and felt like a flamingo with most people around me dressed in neutral colors.
This color splash motivated me through out the day and I felt so energized. Really, isn't it the brightness raidiating? Think I will start with this softies soon as are more managable than bold colors considering grey winter style hasn't  faded yet! Cheer me up, Scotty! :o)

Pastel Love

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rosemarie's Bow

Do you have your outfit for Thursday planned already? If not I'd love to give some inspiration to you. I'm planning on wearing some shade of pink and probarly a bow accessoir as it's cuteness in person and really girly. 
Sadly I don't own this lovely dress...perhaps it will find it's way into my closet?? ;o)

Rosemarie's Bow

Longchamp tote bag


bow satindress - Wallis Germany
$74 -

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Cosy Color Chart

 Last year I discovered a great tool to do color charts on a beauty & style blog I follow  - The Small Things Blog by the lovely Kate. If you’re ever in need for a cute hairstyle that’s the place to go.
To get to know great colors and the various shades it’s quite helpful to chip pictures you’re drawn to by their color scheme. When the vibe catches you, chances are good that you get the feeling in a room you painted with that color.
We still haven’t found our home yet –yeah, put a sad face here!! – but I like to be prepared and having great options for painting the different rooms on handy seems really hand to me. I don’t think the Sherwin Williams Colors are available in Germany but chances should be good to get a custom mix in a close shade.
These days I’m pretty much into neutrals and like to decorate a piece or two that pops out with a bright color.

The image I chipped is from Nesting Place, a blog about home decor I like and follow.
As there are different rooms to paint and I want to have some options to choose from, I plan on doing a Cosy Color Chart post monthly. With spring ahead I’m sure it will inspire me for brighter colors to decorate and chose to accentuate our style.
Hope you have a great week so far.
Jasmin Signature

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Polka Dots and Burgundy Dress

Another Tuesday is here and another collage is up. I enjoy burgundy and grey shades for my clothes these days and a thick texture to stay warm. Polka Dots add some fun to the style and give a girly touch. Everyone loves Polka Dots...don't you?

Polka Dots and Burgundy Dress

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