Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Working week is done, thank God!

1. This week was so sunny. After all the rain all over Germany the past weeks this was a pleasure to feel the hot sun on my skin and fill up on endorphines! 
So dear sun, hopefully your here to stay for the next weeks of summer. I cross my fingers!

2. We did a house tour on Wednesday and I have to say we gain so much knowledge of what we DON´T want that there has to come the time where we find our house or a piece of land any time soon now. Can´t tell you anything that I wish for more.
There were so much houses that we checked out that weren´t appropriate (yes, appropriate...don´t get me wrong we are not that snobbish but we want to get some value for our money, no time to fool around with that). 
Everytime I think this one will be IT. But it hasn´t happend to be THE ONE yet.

3. We had barbeque twice this week and I feel really stuffed and heavy. A good reason to work in some good workouts this weekend to feel fit again and exercise to get of the savory of this great meals off my hips. 
Forgot to take barbecue photos both times, but it was so yummy. Even without photos you can imagine that when you love barbecues!

4. My Glossybox arrived and I really like the products. Will do a review soon!

5. I have finished the seasons cycle, four books by Nora Roberts about four woman leading a wedding agency in Connecticut. They have four different passions, one for photography, flowers, cakes and wedding planning regarding their business and are about to find their true love happening. Happy ending preprogrammed.


Have a look over at Lauren´s Blog From My Grey Desk and check out what everybody´s  highlights of the week are!


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