Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oxblood and Mustard

So far I really enjoyed putting togehter fashion collages via Polyvore and will try to post a new outfit every Tuesday. Yesterday I finally figured out how to clip items from online shops to Polyvore. The funny thing is that I tried it with my standard browser Google Chrome and I think there is a Cookie issue I couldn't fixe yet. So I have to import my items via Internet Explorer, but it works. Yay!

Hope you have a great week so far. The snow has melted away completely today and the temperatures where mild and spring-like. It gives me some inspiration for outfits that don't tend to hide all parts of my skin to avoid being cold. Excited to do lots of more collages and getting into the spring vibe soon.

Oxblood and Mustard

Edc By Esprit cotton pants
$61 -

$175 -

$94 -

Zign Stiefelette oxblood
$66 -


Friday, January 25, 2013

Beautiful Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and some sweethearts are supposedly searching for a cute gift for their girls. As budget is tight most of the time and a tasty dinner – cooked at home or splurged on in a chic restaurant – lets our wallets get slim like a super model there isn’t much money left for a thoughtful little present.
Of course love isn’t all about the material things – we all know that – but a small surprise just makes my heart go quicker anytime. Just the gesture in itself is pretty much the best part about a surprise.
On Etsy I discovered a cute shop with different love and lucky symbols turned into delicate jewelry made by the jewelry designer Applelatte. It took me some research their Etsy page to find out that the shop and designer is located in South Korea. I’m not sure about customs but I might give it a try and find out to get one of those cuties…as hubs might not read this to get the hint. ;o)
Jewelery Applelatte Etsy3 kisses Jewelery Applelatte Etsy 4
I hope you have a great weekend doing lots of fun things. Weather over here is freezing cold. Lots of snow is left on the streets due to the cold climate. I’m already wishing for spring to start but then a quarter of our new year will be over already. So I think I better stick with winter days and enjoy a cosy afternoon at home with lots of tea and treats.
What are your plan?
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Jewelry images by Applelatte on Etsy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Blog Header

You never know when enthusiasm and creativity flashes and you’ll be more productive during one evening than in many weeks ago all together. As making the button was kind of easy I kept going and here it is, my new blog header.

It’s the first one using pretty pictures and not just text. I think it turned out very well and reminds me of our relaxing days at the Baltic Sea in fall. I remember that those days there were nearly the last golden days in fall so the memory is precious to me during the cold and dark season.

What do you think, do you want to move into my Cosy White Cottage?

Header The Cosy White Cottage


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Button Alert!



I always thought that creating a button for my blog is way to difficult to handle and that I don’t have the patience to do it. Oh, I was so wrong at least for my abilities. I found a great tutorial over at Projects around the House that worked so well.

The picture of the little white house was taken at the Baltic Sea in a little village called Dahme. I loved the little cottage right from the start with it’s thatched roof and it is right next to the beach.

Don’t you fell in love with it, too?


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Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

It’s pinning time again and as most Wednesdays I like to link up with the lovely Michelle who recently go a sweet adorable son! Congrats again on that dear!

So as it’s kind of a tradition that I pick a theme for my pins I decided, as pulling together yesterdays Valentine's Day Outfit was so much fun, that I keep on going with the festive Holiday of Love that’s ahead of us.

I always loved Valentine’s Day as it is a opportunity to dress up and splurge on a  tasty dinner with great company. What else do you need in live?

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest


Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest


Have a look at what the girls pinned this week over at the link up! Have a great Wednesday and enjoy your week!


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit

Valentine's Day Outfit

J Crew army shirt

Pleated mini skirt
$16 -

Oasis quilted shoulder bag
$48 -

Punky Pins punk jewelry
$13 -

Topshop brooch

French Stamp Postmark Post Mark Pope Palace Letter Digital Download...

As Valentine's Day is just about a month away I figured it is time to pull together a cute outfit for a candlelight dinner out with my guy. 
As red is the color of love it has to be part of the story and those heart and bow details make the outfit cute and girly.

I'm actually patting my own back as I already made a reservation for Valentine's Day in a trendy and delicious place in our area. I will report back on our dinner about how we liked it. It's supposed to be a three course dinner with a choice of fish or meat for main course and some very tasty starters and dessert.

Sounds great, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hoot if you like it :)

Yay, I did some exploring and surfing and tried my luck on creating an outfit with I think it tourned out really cute. With some practise it should be possible to create beautiful boards and collages.

I'm into owls the last few month, so as I found this sweater I was smitten :) Hope I can order it online to get my hands on it.
The coat is from Tommy Hilfiger and is my new companion for the cold, grey weather here in Germany. I love it.
And those glossy Hunter Boots Beauties, well I did it. I ordered them on a special sale on Amazon (Twittered about it already!) Can't wait for the parcel to arrive, finally.

Hoot if you like it :)

Wallis knit sweater

Tommy hilfiger
$370 -

Hunter wellington boots
$135 -

$51 -

Freshwater pearl stud earrings
$795 -

River island
$13 -

Bow waist belt
$6.41 -


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

It’s been a while since I took part in the weekly link up over at The Vintage Apple but I think it’s time now to choose another topic for the New Year to continue my collection of great interiors gathered focused on different home design topics.
As I enjoyed a lazy day yesterday and did lots of girly beauty things it came to my mind to set my eye on the lovely bathrooms you can find on Pinterest.

This rounded bathtub is really elegant and beautiful. I would love to have on that isn't biuld in but stands kind of freely in the room.

In this pin the floor pattern caught my eye. It’s a heavy contrast but gives something special to the room. And honestly, who has some swans as a tap?

A sparkly and girly bathroom. Those mosaic tiling behing the sink is gorgeous and looks like mother of pearl.

I love the stripes and the sunny feeling with the bright yellow. Stripes on the bathroom walls are great, perhaps we will do it with a more neutral colour.

This bathroom is quite neutral, a bit too much for my opinion but the rug in front of the bathtub is nice and it's again a seperatly standing one in a great shape.
Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

What a rustic looking bathroom, it caught my eye immediately and has such a special charm with the rough surfaces. Feels like a spa in something like a cave to me.

If you have enough room in your bathroom this shabby chic storage rack is a great eye catcher with a french touch to it.

Those bathtub feet are so stylish and a great view when looking out of the window, urban feeling! (But what prevents the others from seeing my naked but?)

A great bright colour that gives a really fresh touch to the bathroom. Might be that you get up better in the mornings.

Are you curious what the New Year inspired the other pinners over at Michelle`s Blog? Hurry and take a look!

Have a great Wednesday!
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