Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five For Friday

I’d like to stop by and tell you something about my weeks highlights.

  1. Yay, finally my copy of Cupcakes and Cashmere by fab blogger Emily Schuman arrived. I ordered it back in July and was anticipating it’s arrival since then. My first peak promises great hours while reading through it.
  2. Finally got my hair dyed the right way and eliminated the huge contrast from blonde to brown…it just didn’t work for me the way my stylist did it on the first session. I went back on Wednesday afternoon and got it fixed. Pictures to follow.
  3. Rediscovered a drink I fancied for quite some time when I was a bit younger. It’s 4 cl of amaretto filled up with apple juice. It tastes like marzipan the perfect drink heaven.
  4. Had the perfect idea for a wedding present. You can find it here.
  5. I have missed to welcome my new followers for quite some time. I’m really sorry!Thank you ladies for stopping by and following my blog Sarah, Vicki, Michelle from My Simple Life and Leslie from Sincerely, Leslie. :)

Happy weekend to all of you! Hope the sun comes out to work some extra hours!

Check out everyone's highlights over at Lauren’s blog Form My Grey Desk hosting this link party.



Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY ‘Wedding sniff’

As already mentioned last week we’re attending a wedding this weekend. The celebration takes place at the Baltic Sea in a small town. As the happy couple lives together for quite some time now they don’t need any house wares and as far as I knew there is no register for the wedding at any store.
So money for honeymoon will help them most to let the two of them have a great time in Australia. Just an envelope with some banknotes has no personal touch to the present so I was thinking very hard about a great way to wrap the money.
This is what I did:
As weddings are always quite emotional and I tend to be a bit teary-eyed honestly more often than I like to admit, I thought about a special hankie box.
  • wrapped a squarish cardboard with gift paper as a base for the present. (Coincidentally I had a pretty hankie box running out of hankie ready for me to use for the present as well)
  • Cut several pieces of light pink paper in the seize of a 5 Euro bill and wrote my lines on it
  • taped together 5 Euro bills and pink cards alternating
I thought about a funny line to work my way to the good wishes for the couple. It wasn’t that easy to find the right words but I finally came round with this:
Tears of joy?  (5)  We recommend wedding sniff  (5)  side effects  (5)  Love  (5)  Laugh  (5) Affection  (5)  Trust  (5)  Couple time  (5)  Luck  (5)  Appreciation  (5)  Sharing everything  (5)  and some personal wishes for the couple finishing with your signature.
  • folded the chain of money and greetings like zigzag
  • put it into the hankie box leaving out a some part of the chain for a first glimpse what the present is about
  • added a wedding couple, heart-shaped confetti and wrapped everything with transparent wrapping paper
  • decorated the foil with some glitter glue pens, some hearts and a clover
I think this is a cute way to take part in the emotions of this special day cause you never know when you might need a ‘hankie’.
What do you think? What’s your favorite way to give presents on such special days?
Have a good weekend, mine is starting today already as we are off to the wedding location tomorrow to enjoy some couple time as well.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

Yay, I’m back in track and going to share this weeks pins with you! As I’m in love with fall right now (probable not that much when it actually starts) the theme this week is “Fall in love”.

Starting with some comfort food. I'm a sucker for lasagna especially the béchamel sauce…yummy.


Of course sweet treats shouldn’t miss in the range of comforting food.


Some glitter for fall decoration…sparkly pumpkin, where is Cinderella?

Taking walks through colorful, crinkly fall leaves…holding hands wrapped up in a cozy coat.

And when coming home sipping a nice hot chocolate…with a few marshmallows :)


Comfy sweater, leggings, plaited scarf and the most gorge boots by Tory Burch ever!

Adore this brown leather jacket and the crossover purse!

Polka Dot are fun all year round with neutral colors and some bright splashes mixed in.

Legwarmer, really cozy on the sofa or perhaps as cute boot socks?

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

This will be some time near winter and I will stay in bed and do my winter sleep.


Check out what the other girls had pinned this week collected over at Michelle´s blog The Vintage Apple. Happy pinning!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glossybox August 2012

My Glossybox August has arrived over the last week and I will give you a quick overview what was in it. I have to say the content is okay, but the next one has to have better items again as the products in this box
CATRICE Glamour Doll Volume Mascara ( Original size): Even though CATRICE is a cheap brand I really like this mascara as it works wonders on your lashes and opens the eye amazingly. The brush is flexible but isn’t as bushy as the ones I normally use. This is definitely a re-buyer I think.
Figs & Rouge Lip balm ( Original size) This balm smells and tastes a bit weird but the formula works for soft lips and that’s the main thing about lip balms isn’t it?
Kenzo Madly Kenzo ( Sample size): Freshly smell, flowers but not my style.
Lancaster After Sun Tan Maximizer ( Travel size): To capture the summer sun on your skin this product idea seams really great.  Can’t tell you that much about yet as I haven’t caught that much summer tan.
OPI nail polish (Travel size): Generally I’m supporting OPI and like the nail polishes. This one is form the Germany Collection named Suzi and the 7 Düsseldorfers. The brush is really small and the formula isn’t overwhelming at all. Not sure if it’s the small size but this version sucks…sorry OPI.
As a goodie there was a small braided bracelet in neon colors, quite cute but not over the top.
Considering the mascara by CATRICE in Original size (which isn’t expensive at all by the way!) the box wasn’t worth the spend 15 € on it. I cross my fingers for a great September Glossybox.
Have a great Sunday night.
P.S: Will go back to my hairdressers this week and get my hair fixed as the blonde really is too light and I can’t take the contrast. It just don’t feel sun kissed and natural at all. After researching about the coloring technique on the internet I found out that my stylist just didn’t do it right. Think I will go completely fall leaf brown as I don’t want to commit another experiment facing the wedding next weekend as I had to attend the Polternight with this hair already...
Honestly I’m a bit furious about myself, my hairstylist…and perhaps the whole world right now and had a moody weekend.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finally rocking the ombre look

What do you think? Rocking or dropping? Think the blonde is a bit too light, perhaps I go back next week to make it more golden.
To be honest I was nearly freaking out when I first saw the colour because the blonde is so intense and much lighter than I was before. Hadn't planned it to turn out like this but I tend to like it :).

Love, Jasmin

P.S.: Trying to send this by my smartphone, hope it works !

Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday


It’s Friday again! Woop Woop ;o)

The week flew by and with just two days to go to work, it was kind of relaxing and we had lots of couple time this week.

So this week, and absolute High Five Worth was my lovely Birthday Party with my friends (sadly we took no photos, shame on me!) and the generous presents I got. I’m sure to be surfing and shopping at Amazon any time soon as I got vouchers to realize some wishes.

But my Highlight Present was the one my husband gave to me. Girls, I was so thrilled. Okay, I was for sure giving him some broad hints (and had them on my Pinterest wishlist for quite some time) that I would really really like to own a Michael Kors watch but honestly they are so expensive that I didn’t expect him to buy one. But he did <3.

So this is the beauty!! It’s a bit posh but who cares?

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

(will do a ‘Live on me- shot’ soon but right now it’s so dark outside… and I don’t feel like shooting)

Last weekend the summer and sun over here in Germany did some extra hours so we got a great idea of what summer could be (when it’s not rainy like usual). We took that opportunity to drive to the coast and catch some sun - it’s only a 30 minute drive approx. On this satellite photo by Google Maps the North Sea looks really ugly brown…suppose it’s low tide in this picture. Anyway the water was too cold for me to dare to swim. Little chicken me…


Just before I wrote this post I took some time to get rid of a huge pile of documents like bills and stuff and cleaned our post rack ready to take new things. It was really packed, I can tell you…so now it’s done and organized again.

As I consider tomorrow as part of this High Five week I’m really looking forward to the traditional German ‘Polternight’ leading up to the wedding on 1st September we are attending this Saturday. This is a party thrown by the bride and groom to be and it should be great fun…I’m sure.

So hope your week went well so far, too. I’m linking up on Lauren’s High Five For Friday linkup party and will check out how the girls week went.



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall colors – keeping my closet up to date

Honestly, I can’t wait for fall to arrive. All the bright and shiny leaves on the trees, falling down eventually. Strolling through the park with my hubs cuddled together in cosy clothes and enjoying a tea afterwards.
Okay I’m drifting .. but you get the picture. Right now for spring and summer I collected a good variety of colors but most of the time I stick to light pastel ones. My favorites are coral and mint colors so far and I will definitely find an appropriate way to work them in for fall, too. Some knit wear, cardigans or thicker leggings will do, I think.
Let me show you a few pieces I picked as my favorites so far. I’m especially keen on the mustardy yellow as I think it will work like a charm with the ombre look and my hopefully soon touch of brown.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sorry for being MIA and thinking about going ombre this fall

Sorry, I have been missing in action for quite some time but a black hole named work had sucked me in and spat me out in the evenings crushing on the sofa without any energy left.

So now I have a few days off and I am trying to be back for good.

Though summer has arrived the last days I am getting really excited for fall to come. There are a lot new colors to explore and styles to try.

To start off the new season I try to be brave and change my hairstyle a bit. As far as I can think back to when I was around 14 I wore my hair with different shades of blonde highlights…sometimes lighter sometimes darker, just once had a brown intermezzo that was not very satisfying. But now I found a style that I like to give a try. OMBRE.

I picked some photos from Pinterest as an inspiration to show to my stylist. So my appointment is on Saturday to discuss my plans. Oh, I am really excited to change my look! Honestly I am taken wrong so many times because the people often just see the cute and lovely Blondie. I turned 25 last Saturday and it’s time for a change.

Have you tried this coloring technique before? What do you think?

                         Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

                              Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest



Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!


Sorry girls, Wednesday is nearly done and I’m a bit late to share my pins. Works been really though the last days so my evenings where particular for recharging.

But anyway here are my pins for this week. The topic today: Food Ideas for my Birthday Party.

I love Caprese Style appetizers or as I like to call them Mozzi-Tomi ;o)

Good option to garlic or herbed butter! Texas Road House Cinnamon Honey Butter!

Will surely try this topping as you know, I love marshmallows and meringues…and as
topping this must be fantastic!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

Can’t decide which salad to prepare but here are so much options, that I probably find to much I want to throw together for my guests.

Like every Wednesday Michelle is hosting the Oh, how Pinteresting Collection on her blog. Check out the other pins!




Friday, August 03, 2012

High Five For Friday

Hey lovely, it’s Friday again and I´m happy. We crossed some to dos from our list which feels awesome and have a exciting weekend in reach.
1. Our family grew +1 one yesterday! Not what you are thinking…no pregnancy ahead, honestly. ;o) We´re now proud owners of an IPad 3 in white…okay let’s better put it hubby is but hey in a marriage you have to share everything, right?
2. We are invited to celebrate two birthdays this weekend and are going to meet so many of our lovely friends and co-workers today and Saturday. I cross my fingers for sunny weather especially for today because it’s a garden party and I don’t want to wear rain boots. 
3. Wednesday we spend some couple dating time out. Sadly the restaurant was really crowded because of the sunny weather and you had to wait about 45 minutes+ to get your dish served so we skipped our meal and just had a drink.
4. My order from Amazon arrived and I got some great books that I’m keen on reading and flipping trough. Especially this one:
5. I placed an order at H&M online and weren't able to log in…kind of forgot my password because my last order was light-years form now. So I got on the phone to speak to the customer service because password reset online didn't work either. And let me tell you what, I talked to a very nice sales agent, placed my order and I get a new password via mail. Best part was that they have special offers for telesales exclusively from previous catalogues for super special prices. Ordered a sleeveless blouse in blue for 3,95€ hope that’s a great pick as I haven´t seen a picture yet. But no risk no fun and you can return it of course, so actually no risk at all ;o). 
As every Friday I’m linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk. Check out the other girls highlights of this past week.
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