Hi lovely, I’m Jasmin a mid-twenty girl living in Bremen, Germany. 
In April 2011 I got married to my incredibly caring and supportive husband. He’s my rock and my everything.
Currently we are looking for a beautiful family home which is one of the hardest tasks I ever got. 

Feeling cosy and comfortable is my religion and I want to use this space to share with you what makes me feel good and content. I think this is so important in many areas in life because it can extend your self-esteem to the limit and you are radiating this to others.

Knowing to satisfy the needs of my clients as a customer manager in a global player company by day, I recognized that collecting what makes ME content and satisfied over here in my blog is my new love that I want to share.

Topics that I am passionate about are mainly accomplishing a house that really feels like a home, fancy but altogether comfy clothes, pampering yourself with beauty products and treating yourself and loved ones with domestic pleasantries from the kitchen.

I have to admit one thing right away, I’m really no brilliant photographer yet but I’m trying really hard and have improved already. 
That’s when my husband Rolf comes to action. He loves to take photos and I really like to share this passion but you can’t be good at everything right away.

So let me introduce you to the guy behind the photos which happens to be my extraordinary husband.

If you have further questions, please send me an Email and I will happily reply to you.

thecosywhitecottage (at) gmail (dot) com 

Enjoy your time!


  1. Hey Jasmin, your husband sounds like an absolute angel! Mine is very cheeky and badly behaved I am afraid, so I am very envious. Hope you enjoy my marriage guide, I found a very, very demanding one online, which I just posted and for fun I am going to write Her Indoors, much more achievable version! x

  2. Hi Jasmin,
    I wanted you to know that I've just nominated your lovely blog for the Liebster Blog Award. See it here:
    All the very best to you,


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