Thursday, July 12, 2012

Belated, oh how PINtresting Wednesday!

Hey guys, yesterday was a busy day with work and a birthday party the hubs and I were attending, so I´m posting my favorite pins of this week a day late.

I love the new hairtutorial that Kate from The Small Things Blog posted on Monday! Have tried this already but me hair wasn´t cooperative that morning before running to get to work on time.

I´m getting into a real good summer feeling when I look at this outfit! I have a similar skirt to wear up to your waistline and it looks so put together and smooth with a simple white or black t-shirt. Personally I´m no huge fan of jeans jackets as I consider them a bit to much 90´s style for my taste, but if it fits with you, go for it!

I actually love everything that is wrapped with bacon. Not only potatoes, but plumes, chicken (yeah Saltimbocca - jump in my mouth) dates, sausages...whatever you can think of!

Sometimes you wish you have a chance to wish for something while blowing off the pieces of a dandelion!

I have to get to the crafts market and buy some beads and some strings. Wish I had more time for DIYing.

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

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