Monday, July 09, 2012

Dressing up to attend a wedding

Rolf and I are invited to a summer wedding in early September in K├╝hlungsborn, Germany.
I am really excited about it as it is a combination of celebration and weekend trip to the seaside. I have never been there before and happy to explore the pleasures of the Balic Sea. 

I hope there will be lots of sunny weather to relax, do some walks, perhaps shop a little bit and have a good time. Perhaps I have to reactivate my connection to Petrus to let the sun shine as I am so happy that our dear friends are tying the knot and they should have a perfect day. They are such a cute couple. 

One of the hardest task for attending a chic wedding ( it takes place in the four seasons - wow) is to find the right dress for the celebration. Right now I am really struggeling to find the right pick. A lot of dresses that I found on the internet are way to short and far away from what you would consider right for an formal event.

I´d like to show you some dresses I picked out but about which I am not sure yet which one to actually wear.

You get an idea now of what I consider appropriate for the party. A vibrant, delicate dress with an a-shaped skirt that "flys" as you dance. A pastel candy colour is what I would like to go for most. It´s light and cheery. Black would be a classic pick, too and slims your shape but this time I will dare to wear more colour!

Will keep you updated about my style progess for this occaision.


  1. You should definitely not wear black! Pastels or bright colours are so much nicer. When I get married one day, I am going to have a no-black-dress-code, even for men!

  2. Oh I love the blue one! I guess it depends on your skin tone, sometimes pastels totally wash me out! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you. You're adorable and I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)


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