Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

Hey girls, the days have flewn by and it´s Wednesday already. It´s been extremely sunny the past days, so I spend most of my time after work outside and you haven´t heard much of my lately.

So of course the motto of todays pinteresting Wednesday is summer goodies.

A yummy barbecue with tasty sauces and salads is one of my favorite must haves. Plus my hubs feels really masculine with cooking on "real fire" and enjoying good chunks of meat.
Source: via Patrizio on Pinterest

Of course I like to have a savory glas of withe wine with my barbecue. Actually I´m a bit of an philistine because you should have beer with a barbecue, shouldn´t you?

I really love maxi skirts. They are a bit boho but still way more elegant than hotpants. Let´s be honest, not everyone can wear hotpants and look awesome like let´s say Kylie Minogue. 

Ice creme is another summer essentail. If I wouldn´t grow very big I could just live on ice creme. How about a zero calorie ice creme? That´s the idea I´m getting rich with...hey don´t snatch it. ;o)

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest

Spend a day at the beach or at the lake...of course with wearing sunscreen.

Hope you have a great week so far and enjoy summertime!

Have a look over at Michelle´s to see what the other girls have pinned.

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  1. Wouldn't it be wonderful if ice cream was zero calorie.


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