Monday, July 16, 2012

My Hair Routine

Today I had a good hair day and I´d like to share that with you. Sadly there are a lot of bad hair days too, when my hair is curling too much or not the way it should be. 

Honestly, dear hair, please listen to me once in a while and stick to my rules, deal?

So anyhow, that´s what it doesn´t do today. No mean and unwanted waves, shiny healthy texture and great straight bangs without flatironing them. Thumbs up for that.
I´m not a huge supporter of using too much heat on my hair on a daily basis as I already strain it  by colouring it every eight to ten weeks to hide my roots...and ahm, yeah some greys, too. I admit.

So here we go. That´s what I do every other day.

  1. I start with shampooning my hair with a cheaper shampoo for the first round just to "clean" it. Today I used L´oreal Nutrion Highlights. Then rinse it out but not that accurate.
  2. For the second round I use a pricier shampoo with quality ingredience and massage it in more carefully. These days I am using Kerastase Bain Riche Dermo Calm for sensitive hair and dry scalp. Especially after our tropical holiday my scalp tends to be a bit scally. After foaming I rinse out very well.
  3. Then I put in a conditioner focusing on my ends. It´s EverPure Conditioner by L´oreal these days and I really like to use it. It has a great fresh minty lavendery smell that I adore. Rinse out this third round as well.
  4. I swing my hair up into a towel and wait approx. 5 minutes doing some other morning routines while letting it dry a bit.
  5. After that I put some Nivea Volume Foam in my towel dry hair and work it in very well
  6. I blow dry my hair with a Russel Hobs hairdryer. That tool was highly recommended by my hairstylist Mareike and she hasn´t exeggerated a bit as it is really strong and drys my hair within approx. 5 minutes. Let´s face it, time is money in the morning! A great plus is the amazingly long cord so you don´t have to crawl that near to the plug.

Due to rainy weather the photos weren´t that nice so I played a bit with Picasa ;o)

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