Friday, July 06, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Wishing everyone a very nice friday! The working week is done and the weekend is up to come! Yay!

My Glossybox arrived this week. Will do a post about it soon. Let´s say this time I´m not as pleased with it as I was with the last box.

This friday afternoon I´m out and about to do a little summer celebration with my dear collegues from work. There is going to be a tent, suckling pig and lots of beer. Girls, I´m looking forward to that. It´s always that much fun!

This is not our venue, but I imangine it like something lie that... ;o)
Source: via April May on Pinterest

This week I spend a fair amount of time flipping trough this great cookbook by Nigella Lawson. She is the real godess when it comes to cakes, cupcakes, cookies and all other kinds of desserts and sweets.
Hope I will find some time soon to test some of the recepies.

My order from Land´s End arrived yesterday and I got these super comfy sailing shoes. They have a great footrest and are really soft. Actually I thought of Land´s End as more like a ladies shooping page or for "real grown up" women as you might know what I mean. So I was glad about my pick and they are so classy.

And at last for this friday I love th share a High Five for the great weather we had this week, especially on Wednesday, when I had a day of and the chance to just relax a bit outside. 


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