Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!


It’s time again. Wednesday is here and it’s Happy Pinning Day! Actually I’m a bit late, but it’s still Wednesday.

As done in past weeks I picked another fun home interior topic. Today's theme is about coffeetables. This has been a difficult piece of furniture ever since for me and there are so many factors that you have to consider to get a lovely setting. I actually have to admit that I was never contend with the different coffeetables we owned in our apartments. They were either too big, too small, too high, too low, the ones with a glass surface got too dirty quickly…you get the picture. It’s a disaster!

As a second component you have to take the style, size and layout of your sofa into account to have a harmonic setting. Whether it’s a L-shape or a straight one and how the table fits into the picture.

Anyway there are some combinations of coffeetables and sofas that really rock and which are decorated absolutely cute and individual. Here’s what I found.



Source: via Dani on Pinterest


So these are my favorite coffeetables that I found on Pinterest. A lot of inspiration to find the shape, size and style that I like for my future home.

Be sure to check out what the girls from the hob had pinned over at the link up party Michelle is hosting at The Vintage Apple.

Wishing you a great week.


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cosy Textures: Part One {Fake Fur}


To improve my cosiness indoors especially when it gets stormy and rainy outside I thought about my most wanted textures and fabrics used for my home. This post will be the first in a row about it and I plan on some more on the following Tuesdays.

Fake Fur is such a incredible material. You can snuggle up and it holds you really really warm. It’s so soft and sometimes it tickles your skin and you feel so well wrapped up. I would never wear real fur when it comes to clothing, especially fur coats are so horrible not naming the use of endangered animals for this stupid things!

Anyhow real sheep fur for instance is a thing I’m fine with and can handle (can’t tell you why, don’t blame me, feels more natural as we use the wool as well) but that’s all.

I have gathered a collection of different fake fur style decorations for you to have a closer look at the texture und use for being cosy.

Fur Collage 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Next Saturday there will be another texture post about the fun texture of knitted materials. Stay tuned and have a cosy weekend!


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Friday, October 26, 2012


A huge trend that I recognized the last years turning up and getting bigger and bigger especially during fall and winter season is the cocooning.

And what is it you’re asking? Well imagine you’re a little caterpillar snuggling up in soft and cosy materials having a great time and hanging out just like pupated . You’re waiting to turn into a beautiful butterfly after retreating from the busy world outside recharging your batteries.

Now and then I need this little time out for myself. Don’t get me wrong I loved to got out, meeting friends and party but honestly as much as often as I enjoy being social I like to stay at home with my husband having a cuddly evening, treating us with delicious food, lighting candles, sipping some wine or tea and read something or watch a good movie.

When I’m on my own I really like to do some beauty rituals, taking long a bubble baths, manicure, pedicure, facial masks…the whole program. It’s just a girl thing. Do you agree?

cocooning  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Have a cosy weekend and do some cocooning to recharge for next week.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!!

Hi girls, it’s another Wednesday today. The week just went zoom and we’re currently in the middle of it lately.
As I tried to spend most of my spare time in bed these days to catch up on some sleep from the weekend - every good party has to be paid in some ways – my favorites this week are cosy beddings and headboards.

The bedding and headboard of your bed can change the whole look and atmosphere of your room. I’m always impressed of the (mood) change a room goes through when you put on new clean bedding in varying colors and patterns, not to mention textures. For fall/winter I like some microfiber or flannel to cuddle op while for spring/summer I like cotton and sometimes satin.

When it comes to headboards we are normally a bit restricted by our bed frames as it’s normally attached to the whole bad and can’t be replaced that easy. But if you’ve got the opportunity, it’s a great way to change room decors.

Source: via Cheyenne on Pinterest

Nice ways to spice up you bedroom, right?
Curious what the other girls have pinned for this week? Head over at Michelle's @ The Vintage Apple and check out!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Everything Etsy

I have to admit something! I fell in love with Etsy this weekend.

I have never considered it as an online-shop I might like to shop at as I thought crafters were just from the U.S. and shipping would cost a fortune…it appears it doesn’t. So here I went browsing the Etsy network and picked some of my favorites for a cosy home to share with you.

You don’t know Etsy? Well, it’s an online market place for handcrafted and vintage treasures from sellers all over the world. You can find art, clothing, jewelry, beautiful things for your home and a ton of knick-knack and get lost while exploring.

I picked a few of my lovely finds and put them together in a collage to show you what you can find on Etsy.PicMonkey Collage3 Pillows / Diamond / Legwarmer / Scarf / Fridge / Board

Have you found anything gorgeous over at Etsy recently? What is your experience? I’d love to hear about that.


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week already. How time flies, when you have fun…especially when you’ve got some days off. Tomorrow it’s time for me to get back to my daily job in the office. I hope to keep on posting steadily for now and don’t let work eat the best of me.
So for this Wednesday, there is some happy pinning ahead of us! As the last few times, I’d like to pick a topic for my pins. So today it’s fireplaces.

When it’s cold outside you gather round the fireplace and heat your rooms with cosy warmth. Sometimes it’s really therapeutic to look in the flames, watch them dance and listen to the woods cracking. So in our future house I would love to have a fireplace as the center of my living room. Another point will be the mantelpiece decoration, hurray!!

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest
Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest
Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

Who wouldn’t want to have a fireplace after seeing this beautiful living areas?
If you’re curious what the other ladies have pinned have a look over at Michelle's @ The Vintage Apple for further inspiration.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tea potting passion

Hands up everybody, who likes a comforting cup of tea now and then!!? I have been a tea girl since early childhood days and have never stopped.
About ten years ago there there was a second love infusing in out relationship…the coffee fellow. There were though times for my tea passion when Latte Macchiato, Cafe au Lait, Cappuccino and the whole gang got really trendy and of course I didn’t want to miss them.
Anyway, now I’ve gained a steady plan when it comes to hot beverages. I get one coffee in the morning pretending to get awake more quickly and then I stick to tea as I honestly don’t want to drink my calories and Latte Macchiato is a real calorie bomb.
To serve me all day without additional work to do, I like to have a thermos jug on my desk with just hot water so I can decide which tea flavor I like next in my cup. Clever, huh? Let me show you my favorite thermos flask so far that is on top of my personal wish list!! Sadly it’s a bit expensive considering it’s a tea pot.

What do you prefer, tea or coffee? Which reasons do you have, just taste?
Have a lovely afternoon with a healthy, heartwarming cup of tea.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Photography and Styling Challenge October @ Junglefrog Cooking


Today I came across a photography and styling challenge over at Simone’s blog Junglefrog Cooking and decided to take part. The challenge for the month October is about a pumpkin orange fall setting including of course homemade food.

Luckily pumpkins could be substituted by carrots ( or any other orange food) so it fitted in today’s meal schedule. I cooked a Carrot Potatoes Hotpot with cooked sausage ( Kochwurst in German, hope the translation makes sense to you?).

At least I had some decorative pumpkins and leftover fabric leafs from yesterdays DIY around that jumped in to improve the fall setting mood.


It’s fairly easy to cook and the perfect fall meal when it get’s cold outside.

The hubs felt cold all day at work and was very pleased that his little domestic goddess had a steamy meal ready for him…*cough cough* after taking a few pictures of it of course.

This is what you need for 2-3 big portions:

  • about 250g carrots
  • 3-4 big potatoes
  • 3 cooked sausages
  • cooking pot half full with water with about 1 1/2 tsp instant broth ( I know ‘real’ broth is much better, but I took what was in my pantry)
  • pinch of salt and pepper

This was one of the go tos when my mom had no clue what to cook. Funnily it was sometimes just named potato stew or carrot hotpot even if it was the same all the time. Great childhood memories and it feels like home when I do this dish.

So happy cooking ladies and have a great week.


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall DIY - leaf chain for your window

Fall is now officially enrolling here in Germany. The temperatures get really chilly over here, especially at night. Today was a beautiful, sunny fall day out here and I took a small stroll around my neighborhood. The leafs have started to turn their color and it’s really appealing to me, so I wanted to bring this home with me.

Fertig mit Text 

In general I’m a huge fan of everything natural but for my DIY project I bought some fake fabric fall leafs as real one world crumble and won’t stay beautiful long enough.

Supplies you need as shown on the first picture:

  • fabric fall leafs
  • ribbon ( color of your choice)
  • hot glue
  • scissors


So this is what I did:

1.) I arranged my fake leafs in a to me appealing pattern. As I have two different colors of leafs it’s all about the mix.

2.) Then I simply glued the leafs in a row to the ribbon

3.) Knot a small loop to hang the chains in your window

I made 3 of these chains to gather next to each other in my windows and finally found some time so rearrange the decoration on my windowsill.

_MG_0709 So that’s how it looks like right now in my living room when you peek out of the window.

Crafty, perhaps you enjoy to try this simple DIY for your home? I would love to see pictures or hear how this DIY worked for you. It’s so easy and quick!

I think this DIY is great for any other season to simply substitute the items or shapes you sew together. This is going to be a go to for me to try different styles in upcoming seasons.

Have a lovely week and be creative!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Updated “About me”-page

Hey girls, I have finally updated my “About me”- page with an up to date photo with my new hair color and more blog connected information telling you what I collect in my blog and why I do it.

 About me alt sepia About me neu sepia

It’s all about feeling cosy and the benefits of it. I experienced for myself that in situations and atmospheres I felt cosy, content and happy I could pull the best out of me and be more relaxed. So whether it is about a home that you feel absolutely YOU in and have comfy corners to snuggle up or special treats for your soul I intend to gather it here on my blog and share it with you.

Also I felt the need to include my talented husband in my “About me”-page as he takes most of my photos. :)

I hope to hear some thoughts of you considering my updated page. Perhaps things I missed to mention that you think important to add or any other related question you like to ask me.



Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My goal to get more organized in 2013

Starting over with BYW class has build the urge in me to start over anew in other areas of my life, too. I feel that over the past five years I have gathered so much clutter in our apartment that it’s really weighting me down.
From heart I’m no a-type in organizing and having a clean, structured home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no messy either, let’s say I really try and most of the time it works well, but there are some areas that need improvement.

Until Christmas/New year I want to get some things more structured and organized.
  • closet (mine, hubs and general like bedding and towels)
  • bookshelf in our living room ( I have way too much books, honestly!)
  • my magazine collection ( as crazy as it seems, I can’t simply throw them out without re-looking at them)

So my goal is to accomplish these three golden milestones until New Year’s Eve. Crossing my fingers that I can stick to it but pressure is up because I share it with you guys now and hope to show you results soon.
Have you re-organized any part of your home lately? Have you sticked to the changes or have you slipped in old habits?
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