Saturday, July 21, 2012

Be fabulous!

"Be yourself, everybody else is already taken"  - Oscar Wilde

I really had a tough time with figuring myself out and this livelong journey isn´t finished anytime soon as you learn new things about yourself every day. But looking at me now and the me of a few years ago I had definitely walked a good way down the road to myself and a happy me.
One of the hardest tasks was and still is to accept that you can´t make it right for everyone. But girls you know, that´s not the point!
 YOU have to be happy with yourself and the things you do and accomplish. 
Choose happiness and choose to be yourself!
Than you grow strong, step by step!


Just had a look at the other pictures we took at our dinner on Thursday and it appears that while taking a photo of my espresso Rolf took a photo of me, too. Can you find me?

It´s a bit like a where is Wally photo, isn´t it?

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