Sunday, April 07, 2013

Still alive – quick hello

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and well. The last weeks have been crazy and disappointing in many ways. Let’s cut things short, there is no estate anymore to build our dream house on and there happened some things that just feel very unfair and gave me lots of stuff to chew on what might get to the mind of some people just fooling us off.
Well, lesson learned the hard and disappointing way, search goes on…put a deep sigh here.…

That’s just as much as I’d like to put it here as I like to think of this place as my happy cosy cottage. That was and somewhat is the reason I wasn’t posting and I somehow didn’t felt like it now. Hope I’ll be back soon with fresh energy and optimism.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Washi Tape love for spring

I’m a bit late on the washi tape train but hey I was to stingy with myself to buy “some tape” for about 3,50€ per role. Okay, okay I got it. It’s a great invention with multiple use on nearly every surface in every thinkable way. Fine.

So I got a good bunch of tape roles to test my creativity. I found mine on Tchibo for 12,95€ for 10 different colors. That’s a pretty good deal I think and of course it was sold out right away.Washi Tape Love 

Let me show you what I did with it. Washi tape is really easy to handle, you can tear of the piece you want ( no scissors needed!) and stick it to anything and remove it really easy if you don’t like it that way.

I started with the window in our living room. It’s quite big so I had a lot of space to decorate so I started to tape the word “Frühling” which means spring in German. I like to have a message to look at everyday. Keywords or little quotes can be uplifting and a little reminder for anything. This can be transitioned easily to other seasons or moods. Perfect for expressing yourself.

Washi tape on my window

With my spring decorations I bought last weekend in Hannover I decorated some spring twigs.

Washi tape was part of it, too as I made little flags with just wrapping a piece around some twigs to spice everything up a bit. I haven’t made a photo of the flower vase in which I decorated with simple “x” with different styles of washi tape. Makes a plain and boring vase look more pretty immediately.


As I was doing my washi spree not even the candles where spared. The yellow one got a wrapper and the tea lights got their bottoms taped. The aluminium cups look much more friendly now.

Candle wrapper and tea light bottom

So that’s for now, but I’m sure there are millions of other ways to use this tape. I’m sure that I’m going to figure out many more ways to show you how I used it. 


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Cosy Color Chart – Part 2

Another month – another color chart. When it comes to painting our living area I’d like to use some neutral colors that go with lots of different colors. The living and dining room is the most frequented room in your house. The place where you live with you family and where you spend let’s say about 80% of your time at home. ( Depends on how long you sleep, hehe)
The best about neutral colors is that you can spice up your room with some bright color accents e.g. in accessories like pillows, candles, flowers or rugs.
When it comes to neutrals I really love different shades of grey. Cream colors aren’t that bad either and will surely find their place in our home, but brownish shades ( like cappuccino or camel something) aren’t my style. Though I like warm colors to create a cosy atmosphere the best way to create cosiness is texture.
I wrote some little features about that a while ago. Check out the posts about Fake Fur, Knitted and Felt.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Watermelon Splash!

Do you feel it, too? Below all those nasty snow drifts around here, spring is ready to take over.
I really wish for warmer weather with rays of sunshine and singing birds. What cheers me up is that it has to be just around the corner and will take over some time soon. I feel like tossing my warm coats and boots and get bright colors and lighter textures in swing.
As last year pastel coral colors and bright pinks and watermelon shades are my favorites next to minty mingle.

Watermelon Splash!

Coral nail polish

Kurzjacke im Offiziersstil
$39 -

Hilfiger Denim RHONDA
$130 -

Set aus 3 Armbändern
$52 -

Zalando Collection Slipper fire
$92 -


Monday, March 11, 2013

1st Blogging Anniversary

I can’t believe that it’s been a full year of blogging for me already. Time flies when you have fun!
I learned so much about blogging and the internet in general, tried and tested lots of things and was happy like a small girl when tools I implemented worked and showed up on my page. It’s the small things that make live wonderful. Sometimes you have to push through but it’s worth the fun!
Close to two years we were searching for our perfect family home and the market seems to be as bad for us as it just can be. So a big decision was made within the last weeks. We found ‘our piece of ground’ to get our very own cottage build. There is much work lying in front of us and lots of new things to learn and deal with, but we are happy that we processed this decision!! There will be lots of more input on this topic, but I felt that today is a special day to announce this to you.
I am thankful for everyone I met and got in touch during my year. There is connection possible via the internet that I never wished to dream about before starting this!
So let me thank everyone for your sweet comments during my first year of blogging – 90 posts, 169 comments and I’m just burning to get started with digging deeper in our new project which was the idea for starting this blog anyway!
Have a great week and let’s hope for spring to arrive soon!
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