Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Oh how, Pintresting Wednesday!

Hey girls, it´s Wednesday again, the middle of the week is here. Time to celebrate with a few of my favorite pins of this week.

For today I chose cute desserts as a topic. I have a really sweet tooth, I can´t help it. Since I was a small girl I enjoyed desserts and sweet treats.

This "After Eight" cupcakes remind me of my grandparents. They really liked Afther Eight and eyerytime I visited there were some pieces of this treat on the coffee table. 
(Will probarbly do a featrue about other stuff that always reminds me. There are so much things that come to my mind)

These red velvet cupcakes look so jucy and bright like a bunch of berries, you simplay want to tkae a bite, won´t you?

These are the cutest decorated cupcakes on earth! They are probarbly inspired by Cath Kidston or GreenGate. I fell in love with the GreenGate cottage cute style when we went to Groningen ( Netherlands) in 2009 and never stopped. There is a little shop in our quarter, too and I adore the stuff they sell.

Owls seem to be everywhere these days and I have to say these are so hooothie cutie. Decor makes this simple heart a really special present.

This swirl with the (eatable) pansy on it is like a piece of art. I have to admit I wanted to try this cupcake topping for a while but haven´t found time yet. Do you know any store that sells time?
Please let me know. I´d like to have plenty of it! Working fulltime just eats up all the time you could spend on something nice. ( But you wouldn´t have money to spend on the nice things if you don´t go to work either...vicious circle ;o) )

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

Oh Marshmallows, I love them. Roasted above fire, just the fluff brought in a glass or the inside of an German "Schaumkuss" oh so good. And of course freshly whipped egg white with sugar or get the picture.

Girls, tell me, which dessert is your favorite? Are you as crazy about Marshmallow Fluff like I am? 

Have a look at what the girls over at Michelle from The Vintage Apple have pinned this week!


  1. great pins and super cute blog! you should check out the giveaway im having over at my blog! it ends friday! xo

  2. Love the pins of these gorgeous cakes - reminds me of a tea party.

  3. LOVE these! The owl cookies are so cute, and I love me some cupcakes!


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