Sunday, October 07, 2012

Blogging your way…getting ready for class!!!


Whoop, whoop I’m so excited to finally getting started with blogging e-class tomorrow.

It’s been really quiet here for the last weeks but I hope to be back now with more drive and inspiration gathered from this blogging class held by Holly Becker, the famous editor behind the interior blog Decor8 which I absolutely adore!

So what I did Friday straight after getting my log in details for the online campus was to set up my little home office at our dining table. Our dedicated office sadly isn’t a place of inspiration this days as it’s really stuffed with boxes and things we don’t need right now that I took with me from my parents house when it was sold last fall.


Of course I started a new notebook for all my notes and ideas ( honestly, who can’t resist buying stationary and notebooks??) and I really feel that writing my ideas down physically is more necessary for me than I ever thought. I honestly don’t have a thing for typing creative stuff on a blank page with this blinking bar making me feel crappy and no space to draw little things around my bullet points. I’m more like getting in action and brainstorming right away ( and allowing my thoughts to come right out of my pen whilst writing) and coloring along with some colored pencils.

So with this things said, I try to stick to my new notebook, assembling my thoughts and sucking in the new inspiration for my blog and my life, too.

A catalyser is dearly needed at this point, so I'm really looking forward to get to know my fellow students and amazing teachers more closely.

For this course I try to stick to the quote “ Most smiles are started by another smile!”(Frank A. Clark)





  1. I like your new home office and thanks for reminding me - I need to get a new notebook too, how could I forget?! :)

  2. And it's starting day today! Like you I also have a brand new notebook ready to go. While I love the digital age, I am still - at heart - a real papergirl and wouldn't be happy without my endless array of notebooks! Good luck in class!

  3. Nice to meet you Jasmin! I'm also excited about the course :)) And just like you I bought a new notebook! Enjoy class :)


  4. Hello, fellow BYWer. I have a feeling the class will be wonderful for all! Enjoy the class!


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