Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!!

Hi girls, it’s another Wednesday today. The week just went zoom and we’re currently in the middle of it lately.
As I tried to spend most of my spare time in bed these days to catch up on some sleep from the weekend - every good party has to be paid in some ways – my favorites this week are cosy beddings and headboards.

The bedding and headboard of your bed can change the whole look and atmosphere of your room. I’m always impressed of the (mood) change a room goes through when you put on new clean bedding in varying colors and patterns, not to mention textures. For fall/winter I like some microfiber or flannel to cuddle op while for spring/summer I like cotton and sometimes satin.

When it comes to headboards we are normally a bit restricted by our bed frames as it’s normally attached to the whole bad and can’t be replaced that easy. But if you’ve got the opportunity, it’s a great way to change room decors.

Source: via Cheyenne on Pinterest

Nice ways to spice up you bedroom, right?
Curious what the other girls have pinned for this week? Head over at Michelle's @ The Vintage Apple and check out!

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  1. I like the bed on the first and the last photo. I would love to have a nice box spring with a beautiful head board.
    How do you like BYW boot camp?

    1. Hi Marianne, I really enjoy class but sadly wasn't able this week to browse through the lessons a lot. Looking frward to the weekend to do so :) Hope you like it, too :)

  2. That wood headboard is STUNNING. I love pinterest for all the inspiration it provides. ~Becca from BYW


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