Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tea potting passion

Hands up everybody, who likes a comforting cup of tea now and then!!? I have been a tea girl since early childhood days and have never stopped.
About ten years ago there there was a second love infusing in out relationship…the coffee fellow. There were though times for my tea passion when Latte Macchiato, Cafe au Lait, Cappuccino and the whole gang got really trendy and of course I didn’t want to miss them.
Anyway, now I’ve gained a steady plan when it comes to hot beverages. I get one coffee in the morning pretending to get awake more quickly and then I stick to tea as I honestly don’t want to drink my calories and Latte Macchiato is a real calorie bomb.
To serve me all day without additional work to do, I like to have a thermos jug on my desk with just hot water so I can decide which tea flavor I like next in my cup. Clever, huh? Let me show you my favorite thermos flask so far that is on top of my personal wish list!! Sadly it’s a bit expensive considering it’s a tea pot.

What do you prefer, tea or coffee? Which reasons do you have, just taste?
Have a lovely afternoon with a healthy, heartwarming cup of tea.


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  1. I like your approach, Jasmin! I'm definitely trying to battle my coffee addiction and get back to my tea roots. I'm a big fan of those zipped up water containers. Definitely cozy :) ~Becca from BYW


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