Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Everything Etsy

I have to admit something! I fell in love with Etsy this weekend.

I have never considered it as an online-shop I might like to shop at as I thought crafters were just from the U.S. and shipping would cost a fortune…it appears it doesn’t. So here I went browsing the Etsy network and picked some of my favorites for a cosy home to share with you.

You don’t know Etsy? Well, it’s an online market place for handcrafted and vintage treasures from sellers all over the world. You can find art, clothing, jewelry, beautiful things for your home and a ton of knick-knack and get lost while exploring.

I picked a few of my lovely finds and put them together in a collage to show you what you can find on Etsy.PicMonkey Collage3 Pillows / Diamond / Legwarmer / Scarf / Fridge / Board

Have you found anything gorgeous over at Etsy recently? What is your experience? I’d love to hear about that.


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  1. Lovely Jasmin! You know it's quite funny but I guess I also haven't really discovered etsy up to this point and I've been wondering about it. I will have a closer look!

  2. Ooo love these Etsy finds, especially that yellow knitted legwarmer! So perfect for fall!

  3. I love Etsy!! I buy a ton of stuff on there and I have my own shop we well. This is such a cute collection!


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