Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My goal to get more organized in 2013

Starting over with BYW class has build the urge in me to start over anew in other areas of my life, too. I feel that over the past five years I have gathered so much clutter in our apartment that it’s really weighting me down.
From heart I’m no a-type in organizing and having a clean, structured home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no messy either, let’s say I really try and most of the time it works well, but there are some areas that need improvement.

Until Christmas/New year I want to get some things more structured and organized.
  • closet (mine, hubs and general like bedding and towels)
  • bookshelf in our living room ( I have way too much books, honestly!)
  • my magazine collection ( as crazy as it seems, I can’t simply throw them out without re-looking at them)

So my goal is to accomplish these three golden milestones until New Year’s Eve. Crossing my fingers that I can stick to it but pressure is up because I share it with you guys now and hope to show you results soon.
Have you re-organized any part of your home lately? Have you sticked to the changes or have you slipped in old habits?


  1. hi jasmin, i've recently done some decluttering in my home and still haven't finished. i have worked in a bookshop until recently and i have accumulated so many books and magazines over the years that it gets really overwhelming. i can throw out other stuff very easily (like clothes, my wardrobe is very tidy) but have problems with getting rid of books. as for magazines, i only keep my favourite interior ones, the rest i read and bring to the paper bin. the problem is that i have loads that i haven't read yet so they're just sitting there, waiting. i don't really have a solution for books, at the moment i just relocate those that don't fit in my living room to the attic room. good luck! i will be following you and see how you get on. maybe you can give me some tips. see you in class!

    1. What a dream come true working at a bookstore! I'm thinking about selling the books that aren't close to my heart on Amazon. Think that might be a resonable deal and i will get more space freed @ home and a few coins to buy new ones. Perhaps I discover another secret how the organize my books in a less spacious way that is appealing, too. Will let you know about them of course. Thanks for your little confession, made me feel less crazy ;)

  2. O yes I think I can safely say that books and magazines are my ongoing challenge when it comes to decluttering our home! We have a total of 5 bookcases in our living room alone and all of those are overflowing... Magazines are everywhere and like you I cannot throw them out without checking them again and tearing out things I want to keep too... And my office space (I work from home) is a constant struggle to keep clean ( as in free from mountains of paper) and in fact you just inspired me to clear up the office today!!

    1. Hi Simone, hope you had an inspired day of cleaning and organizing yesterday and hadn't forgotten to take a break once in a while ;). The thing about checking the magazines again and tearing out snipets with great ideas, stories or recipes can be a little mess, too as far as I discovered. A little sub goal of mine is to find an organized way of collecting them. Thinking about it and will share it as soon as possible.

  3. I need to organize my studio! I get so busy painting, that I don't stop to organize it. :)
    I think it's great that you are sharing your goals with your readers...I do, too, to keep myself accountable. :)

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

    1. Mary, I think it's great that you are so creative and do forget to organize your atelier because that means that your heart is absolutely in it and you can forget your surroundings while beeing creative. To me that's a wonderful ability because that means you have true focus :)

  4. I totally understand this urge. I get it every 3 months or so. I highly recommend this blog to get the juices flowing:

    ~Becca from BYW

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