Friday, September 07, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Is it Thursday? Nooo it’s Friday yet and the week is done! The weather forecast let me hope  for lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. As the leafs begin to turn colorful that’s what I need to brighten the setting!

This week had some small highlights for me, so well, here we go and let’s have a look:

1. Bought the burgundy skirt I showed you here. The delivery arrived on Wednesday and I wore it on Thursday already as I was so keen on some fall clothing. The temperatures were a bit chilly the last days so some opaque tights are the perfect fit with it.

2. My lovely gladioli are such beauties. Really appreciate them around our flat in this elegant floor vase. Love this time of the year as they are in season now to buy them quite cheap at the garden center.


3. The hubs got me some sweet treats that I loved when I was a child. Those fizzy Ufos are the best. I always got them after an appointment at pediatrician when I was really brave. Oh those times are long gone…but the candy is back again._MG_0524-001

4. Confession! Last nights I took a hot-water-bottle with me to bed to make me feel more cozy. How I enjoy crawling into a preheated bed. Honestly it’s September already, no shame about cold feet and the relaxing treat of an hot-water-bottle.

5. This week my sweet man wins the award for the most caring husband of the week ( of the month, the year??) He prepared some sandwiches for me to take to work with me, made me some tea when I got home and was really attentive. I love him for this little things he does for me especially on those weeks when work sucks.

What were you’re highlights this week? Have a look over at Lauren's to check out the links.




  1. i haven't tried the hot water bottle, but i do love sleeping with an electric blanket!

    happy friday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  2. Just wanted to say hello from BYW - hope you're excited for class too!
    x Jaclyn


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