Thursday, October 11, 2012

Updated “About me”-page

Hey girls, I have finally updated my “About me”- page with an up to date photo with my new hair color and more blog connected information telling you what I collect in my blog and why I do it.

 About me alt sepia About me neu sepia

It’s all about feeling cosy and the benefits of it. I experienced for myself that in situations and atmospheres I felt cosy, content and happy I could pull the best out of me and be more relaxed. So whether it is about a home that you feel absolutely YOU in and have comfy corners to snuggle up or special treats for your soul I intend to gather it here on my blog and share it with you.

Also I felt the need to include my talented husband in my “About me”-page as he takes most of my photos. :)

I hope to hear some thoughts of you considering my updated page. Perhaps things I missed to mention that you think important to add or any other related question you like to ask me.




  1. That looks pretty good Jasmin! I like the fact that you added a picture of your husband taking a picture.. ;) I think your about shows what you want to do with your blog and tells a little bit about you. Maybe add a bit about what you do in daily life? Are you a homemaker or do you have a job? It's maybe not what defines us but it's just one of those things people are curious about I guess...

    1. Thanks dear! :) Had some struggle with my replying but think I figured it out and hope my reply appears here now.
      The funny thing is that I thought about adding some information about my daily life, too but backed out because I thought it doesn't fit in that well.
      I will think about some fun facts to share because thats what makes me most curious about other bloggers, too.
      Your'e right and I happily will jump to it. :)


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