Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall DIY - leaf chain for your window

Fall is now officially enrolling here in Germany. The temperatures get really chilly over here, especially at night. Today was a beautiful, sunny fall day out here and I took a small stroll around my neighborhood. The leafs have started to turn their color and it’s really appealing to me, so I wanted to bring this home with me.

Fertig mit Text 

In general I’m a huge fan of everything natural but for my DIY project I bought some fake fabric fall leafs as real one world crumble and won’t stay beautiful long enough.

Supplies you need as shown on the first picture:

  • fabric fall leafs
  • ribbon ( color of your choice)
  • hot glue
  • scissors


So this is what I did:

1.) I arranged my fake leafs in a to me appealing pattern. As I have two different colors of leafs it’s all about the mix.

2.) Then I simply glued the leafs in a row to the ribbon

3.) Knot a small loop to hang the chains in your window

I made 3 of these chains to gather next to each other in my windows and finally found some time so rearrange the decoration on my windowsill.

_MG_0709 So that’s how it looks like right now in my living room when you peek out of the window.

Crafty, perhaps you enjoy to try this simple DIY for your home? I would love to see pictures or hear how this DIY worked for you. It’s so easy and quick!

I think this DIY is great for any other season to simply substitute the items or shapes you sew together. This is going to be a go to for me to try different styles in upcoming seasons.

Have a lovely week and be creative!



  1. I like your leaf chains. We did some Autumn crafts this weekend too. We decorated our front door with leaves we had collected a few weeks ago and had been pressing. And we made chains out of chestnuts, paper leaves and wooden beads so my son could practice his threading skills.

    Best wishes, Jenni (via BYW)

    1. Hi Jenni, I love that you do crafts with your son. That's what I want to do some day with my kids, too because I thinks it's so important for their creativity! The leaf pressing is a very good idea. I actually forgot about this but loved it when I was a child.
      I hope to find some chestnuts soon, too as I like to decorate with them as well but haven't found any yet.

      Wish you a happy week, Jasmin :)

  2. Funny how we can have such dramatically different weather yesterday. We had pouring rain the entire day! Love your little DIY project. Looks very pretty and in fact I still have some of those leaves lying around!

    1. That's what my mom called "strichweise Regen", in english it might be something like occaisonal rain, but it's not as funny as the german one ;o)

      Have a greet week :)


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