Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five For Friday

Hey sunshine, my dearest friend, called friday! No not Robinson´s friday friend but the REAL one! Here you are and it´s great. A stressful and busy week is done and I love to embrace the weekend.

My Top 5 this week:

1. On wednesday I went on a little after work shopping spree and did some returns at Primark and H&M. Again you might notice the focus on minty turquoise shades but I mixed a peach piece in, too.

2. Delighted about my cute peonies that are now bloomed out to the limit. So beautyful und the smell really good.

Unfortunately peony season is nearly over. :(

3. Read today about the new Yankee Candle scents for  autumn season 2012. Without ever smelled them I am sure that Red Velvet has to be a great pick!


4. I´m thrilled to have my first follower on the site! Definatly worthy for a good High Five!

5. Heading to Wilhelmshaven this weekend to celebrate a local city and harbour celebration called "Wochenende an der Jade" and meet a lovely friend and perhaps some others.

Lauren @ From My Grey Desk is hosting this praise on our dearly friend friday. Be sure to have a look there, too.


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