Sunday, June 24, 2012

Woooh excited...

Just found a house on the internet and placed an inquiry for more information about it. It´s near to our current flat. Not in northern Bremen but in a smaller village called Ritterhude really near by. 
As I saw this image of the entrance I fell in love with it. The door and the stairs are adorable! Exactly what I was wishing for!

There are some things we might have to work on and have to redecorate but for the first view from the pictures these are probarbly things we can handle. 
The facade might be another thing we have to redo not just because of the look but for energetical reasons, too. But we will get to that later, when we did a house tour. Hope the agent will contact us quichly.

STOP, let´s face it, I´m getting overexcited and I have to control myself! But as there was only crappy offers ( sorry, but it´s so true) on until recently this is a ray of light for me! 

Happy sunday to all of you!


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