Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whyyy does it always rain on me...???


U.S. Polo Assn.


It´s raining all day long the past few days and I´m thinking about this Travis song and humming it to myself.

Girls, we are having officially summer since last thursday, but no hot and sunny days lately. With some rainy days in a row I´m always starting to feel a bit depressed and gloomy and my chocolate consumption is incresing in no time. Bad for bikini shaping and my mood, too.
So I browsed the internet and picked some rainboots that I liked. Actually I haven´t worn rainboots since I was five, but this fall I´m interested in investing in some Hunter Boots. Not necessary in bright colours as trendy expensive pieces should be classics that you wear a long time. Will keep you updated on that.
But for now, IT´S MEANT TO BE SUMMER! So no boots to be ordered yet! Should be picking dressy flipflops instead. I got to go...

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