Monday, June 25, 2012

Essential things for my future garden

There are some flowers, plants and accessoirs I consider essentail for my future garden as this will be the place where I will spend a lot of my time in spring, summer and autumn. Winter perhaps too, at least to bild a snowman, in case there is enough snow.

Let´s start with the flowers I would really love to have.

Peonies are the most beautiful flowers. They are so elegant but not as sophisticated as a classic rose. I am sure there will be lots of peonies in my future garden to keep me supplied in may and june with this amazing flower and their gorgeous scent.
I am really lucky to have a fabulouse godmother with a green thumb as she did some offshots of the beautiful peonies that we had at my partens house before I sold it last year. Now she takes care of these offshots until we find a house of our own. I really appreciate this as there is a part of my old garden moving in our new with us.
Source: via May on Pinterest
Another plant I really love are magnolias in their every shape as star magnolias or tulip magnolias in all shades of white, off-white, light pink and hot pink. Over the years and with a lot of care they can grow to a real tree. It´s really romatic to do a picknick beneath such a tree.

But the classic among beautiful flowers are roses especially english roses. They are the right flower for so many occaisons. I have to admit that I like the wild ones much better than the straight long ones you get at the flower shop. Just having a look at an english walled garden at a cottage makes me happy.  In combination with lavander it´s always romatic and practical all at once because vermins won´t eat the beauty. Not to mention the enchanting smell of roses and lavander.

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So let´s move to another category I don´t want to miss in my garden and that are fruits and vegetables.  It would be great if there are old trees that are really old and gnarly and space to do some gardening to have fresh vegetables once in a while.

And the best thing, which is absolutely necessary for my garden, is a beach chair...or more like a love seat beach chair! In Germany you call it "Strandkorb" but I´m not that sure about the right translation. 
Literarily I can see myself sitting there with a delicious glas of light and tasty white wine and a romatic novel watching the sundown.

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest
So hopefully the weather will improve the next days that I can have a little sip of wine on my balkony, even without the suitable garden or seating.

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