Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh, how PINTRESTing Wednesday!

Hi there! I decided to join the PINTRESTing Wednesday hosted by Michelle over at The Vintage Apple.

I have a crush about this amazing website since the last weeks and a pinned a good number of inspiring stuff on my diffrent boards.

You can probably guess that I have a crush on mint as you have a look at my pins.

No arms, no cookies! That´s life!

Had a crush on Joshua Jackson back in Dawson´s Creek days already! And still, more grown up, more handsome!! <3 Coupled up with Diane Krueger, so glamorous.

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

As time is short in the morning and I have hardly time to get ready and started, such a Pancake-Mix might be a livesafer! Will absolutely try that.

I´m planning on getting this cute manicure shown on May´s Blog All Things Pretty this weekend. Just have to get these stickers to get the round shape.


  1. omg love those pins girl :) cute blog too!

  2. Oooooo love that you incorporated my rose nails. Show us some pics once you tried it yourself!!


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