Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY ‘Wedding sniff’

As already mentioned last week we’re attending a wedding this weekend. The celebration takes place at the Baltic Sea in a small town. As the happy couple lives together for quite some time now they don’t need any house wares and as far as I knew there is no register for the wedding at any store.
So money for honeymoon will help them most to let the two of them have a great time in Australia. Just an envelope with some banknotes has no personal touch to the present so I was thinking very hard about a great way to wrap the money.
This is what I did:
As weddings are always quite emotional and I tend to be a bit teary-eyed honestly more often than I like to admit, I thought about a special hankie box.
  • wrapped a squarish cardboard with gift paper as a base for the present. (Coincidentally I had a pretty hankie box running out of hankie ready for me to use for the present as well)
  • Cut several pieces of light pink paper in the seize of a 5 Euro bill and wrote my lines on it
  • taped together 5 Euro bills and pink cards alternating
I thought about a funny line to work my way to the good wishes for the couple. It wasn’t that easy to find the right words but I finally came round with this:
Tears of joy?  (5)  We recommend wedding sniff  (5)  side effects  (5)  Love  (5)  Laugh  (5) Affection  (5)  Trust  (5)  Couple time  (5)  Luck  (5)  Appreciation  (5)  Sharing everything  (5)  and some personal wishes for the couple finishing with your signature.
  • folded the chain of money and greetings like zigzag
  • put it into the hankie box leaving out a some part of the chain for a first glimpse what the present is about
  • added a wedding couple, heart-shaped confetti and wrapped everything with transparent wrapping paper
  • decorated the foil with some glitter glue pens, some hearts and a clover
I think this is a cute way to take part in the emotions of this special day cause you never know when you might need a ‘hankie’.
What do you think? What’s your favorite way to give presents on such special days?
Have a good weekend, mine is starting today already as we are off to the wedding location tomorrow to enjoy some couple time as well.

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