Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

Yay, I’m back in track and going to share this weeks pins with you! As I’m in love with fall right now (probable not that much when it actually starts) the theme this week is “Fall in love”.

Starting with some comfort food. I'm a sucker for lasagna especially the b├ęchamel sauce…yummy.


Of course sweet treats shouldn’t miss in the range of comforting food.


Some glitter for fall decoration…sparkly pumpkin, where is Cinderella?

Taking walks through colorful, crinkly fall leaves…holding hands wrapped up in a cozy coat.

And when coming home sipping a nice hot chocolate…with a few marshmallows :)


Comfy sweater, leggings, plaited scarf and the most gorge boots by Tory Burch ever!

Adore this brown leather jacket and the crossover purse!

Polka Dot are fun all year round with neutral colors and some bright splashes mixed in.

Legwarmer, really cozy on the sofa or perhaps as cute boot socks?

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

This will be some time near winter and I will stay in bed and do my winter sleep.


Check out what the other girls had pinned this week collected over at Michelle´s blog The Vintage Apple. Happy pinning!



  1. I cannot wait for fall clothes, especially those Tory boots! I think that is the general consensus amongst, well, everyone :)

  2. love the brown with black polka-dots and that scarf! They go so perfectly together!

  3. I love the summer but can't wait for sweaters and leg warmers!

  4. I pinned the sparkle pumpkins, too! I cannot wait to make them & decorate for fall! Great pins! Happy Wednesday!

    Significance or Nothing.

  5. those cookies look incredible!!

    Have a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!

  6. That lasagna looks so good! I will be trying those soon! The outfit with the plaid scarf looks so comfy! And the e-card is me EVERY morning! Great pins!


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