Friday, August 03, 2012

High Five For Friday

Hey lovely, it’s Friday again and I´m happy. We crossed some to dos from our list which feels awesome and have a exciting weekend in reach.
1. Our family grew +1 one yesterday! Not what you are thinking…no pregnancy ahead, honestly. ;o) We´re now proud owners of an IPad 3 in white…okay let’s better put it hubby is but hey in a marriage you have to share everything, right?
2. We are invited to celebrate two birthdays this weekend and are going to meet so many of our lovely friends and co-workers today and Saturday. I cross my fingers for sunny weather especially for today because it’s a garden party and I don’t want to wear rain boots. 
3. Wednesday we spend some couple dating time out. Sadly the restaurant was really crowded because of the sunny weather and you had to wait about 45 minutes+ to get your dish served so we skipped our meal and just had a drink.
4. My order from Amazon arrived and I got some great books that I’m keen on reading and flipping trough. Especially this one:
5. I placed an order at H&M online and weren't able to log in…kind of forgot my password because my last order was light-years form now. So I got on the phone to speak to the customer service because password reset online didn't work either. And let me tell you what, I talked to a very nice sales agent, placed my order and I get a new password via mail. Best part was that they have special offers for telesales exclusively from previous catalogues for super special prices. Ordered a sleeveless blouse in blue for 3,95€ hope that’s a great pick as I haven´t seen a picture yet. But no risk no fun and you can return it of course, so actually no risk at all ;o). 
As every Friday I’m linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk. Check out the other girls highlights of this past week.

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  1. I read that Lauren Conrad book & it's pretty darn good. enjoy it!

    and congrats on the iPad. I love mine!!

    <3 Amy

    {Giveaway going on now, would love for you to join!}


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