Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday


It’s Friday again! Woop Woop ;o)

The week flew by and with just two days to go to work, it was kind of relaxing and we had lots of couple time this week.

So this week, and absolute High Five Worth was my lovely Birthday Party with my friends (sadly we took no photos, shame on me!) and the generous presents I got. I’m sure to be surfing and shopping at Amazon any time soon as I got vouchers to realize some wishes.

But my Highlight Present was the one my husband gave to me. Girls, I was so thrilled. Okay, I was for sure giving him some broad hints (and had them on my Pinterest wishlist for quite some time) that I would really really like to own a Michael Kors watch but honestly they are so expensive that I didn’t expect him to buy one. But he did <3.

So this is the beauty!! It’s a bit posh but who cares?

Source: via Jasmin on Pinterest

(will do a ‘Live on me- shot’ soon but right now it’s so dark outside… and I don’t feel like shooting)

Last weekend the summer and sun over here in Germany did some extra hours so we got a great idea of what summer could be (when it’s not rainy like usual). We took that opportunity to drive to the coast and catch some sun - it’s only a 30 minute drive approx. On this satellite photo by Google Maps the North Sea looks really ugly brown…suppose it’s low tide in this picture. Anyway the water was too cold for me to dare to swim. Little chicken me…


Just before I wrote this post I took some time to get rid of a huge pile of documents like bills and stuff and cleaned our post rack ready to take new things. It was really packed, I can tell you…so now it’s done and organized again.

As I consider tomorrow as part of this High Five week I’m really looking forward to the traditional German ‘Polternight’ leading up to the wedding on 1st September we are attending this Saturday. This is a party thrown by the bride and groom to be and it should be great fun…I’m sure.

So hope your week went well so far, too. I’m linking up on Lauren’s High Five For Friday linkup party and will check out how the girls week went.




  1. Ooo wow! Cool watch! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. love that watch!

    Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!


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