Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall colors – keeping my closet up to date

Honestly, I can’t wait for fall to arrive. All the bright and shiny leaves on the trees, falling down eventually. Strolling through the park with my hubs cuddled together in cosy clothes and enjoying a tea afterwards.
Okay I’m drifting .. but you get the picture. Right now for spring and summer I collected a good variety of colors but most of the time I stick to light pastel ones. My favorites are coral and mint colors so far and I will definitely find an appropriate way to work them in for fall, too. Some knit wear, cardigans or thicker leggings will do, I think.
Let me show you a few pieces I picked as my favorites so far. I’m especially keen on the mustardy yellow as I think it will work like a charm with the ombre look and my hopefully soon touch of brown.


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