Friday, December 14, 2012

My Christmas Decorations

Oh dear, have you seen our friend December? It’s halfway gone, just 10 days until Christmas and nearly 15 until New Year.

I had so much plans and to do’s I wanted to achieve to celebrate Christmas time this year. There are a lot of things on my list and I hope to achieve at least some of them.

Kick start with my Xmas decorations was at the end of November. So far I was really proud that I was on time for First Advent but taking pictures were a tough one as it was so dark outside already when I came home. It was impossible to take good photos and flash is absolutely horrible!Winter window

This year I made lots of arrangements for our living room with candles and some fir. It was great fun to put everything together and it was quick and easy. As my mom was the expert with Christmas decoration and amazingly talented to gather everything I hadn’t put up anything last year. Anyhow, this Christmas I gave my abilities a try and think it turned out really cute.

My inspiration came form a Christmas fair where they had Advent wreaths arranged in something like apple crates. What really caught my eye was that everything looked like it happened by accident and just casually put together.

White Candels

By the way, can you crochet? I have to admit I bought those snow flakes but activating my skills with needle work seems a good idea.Candels grey

How far along are you with you Christmas to do list? On schedule or way behind…kind of like me.


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  1. That looks lovely Jasmin. I am sooooo behind with my Christmas list. I just put up the decorations yesterday but I haven't even figured out the menu, when to go grocery shopping, ordering some essentials and gift buying. O boy.... I better get cracking!


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