Saturday, December 15, 2012

Treat yourself!

This is the season to buy gifts, celebrate and make your loved ones smile. It’s crowded in the shops in town as people run to find the perfect gifts and you’re attending different Christmas parties with workmates and friends. Lots of duties on your schedule during the season you should be calm and thankful for every pleasure you have. _MG_0102bearbeitet color
To make you feel more comfortable you should pamper yourself with really good stuff and use your free minutes to drink a good quality tea, treat your hands with an ultra rich hand cream, celebrate your morning showers with heavenly smelling shower gel and body cream and infuse your home with great scents.
To make this moments more worthy I have to recommend a brand named Rituals Home & Body Treatments. I love the smell of their whole product range and that is a thing that never happened to me as I’m usually really picky and just tend to like one or two smells. But these ones are all amazing!
Anyhow I picked most products in Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk. The candle is Fresh Fig & Copaiba and the anti-perspiant is White Lotus scented.
Rituals uses natural, renewable and organic ingredients for their products and isn’t tested on animals.

Let me show you what I bought for myself. _MG_0098bearbeitet_MG_0104bearbeitet A lovely duo with hand wash and hand lotion to position next to your sink. Great idea. They also provided cute little trays to arrange the bottles on but my space next to the sink is limited so I haven’t bought one.   _MG_0103bearbeitet To get to know the different products I picked some travel sized(actually not that small, a fair size I think) bottles to figure out what I like.
The Magic Touch cream is so easy to love. My hands feel so soft and I want to touch my hands all the time, can’t stop!
I will try the other products as soon as I can but I’m very sure I will love them, too.

So far until now, have a great Sunday tomorrow with your loved ones and enjoy your time!
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P.S.: I registered for their newsletter and recieved a confirmation mail offering 10% off my next purchase within a month. What a great surprise!


  1. I love rituals. They have a big store here in town so it's always a treat to go there. Either for myself or to buy some gifts!

  2. Just like Spa treatment mmm i'd loved too.
    Just followed you,might be you could follow me too ;)
    Happy Christmas


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