Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shades of Grey Crafternoon Project II

As mentioned earlier this week here is my second project.
It’s more about redecorating an old lamp I took with me from my parents house last year. The lamp shade was really ugly and had a stain on it, so I put it directly in the bin. Finding the right replacement shade was really difficult, too small, too big, too narrow, too whatever. You know the game.
So on my trip to IKEA a few weeks ago where I bought the plain coasters I turned into this beauties, I found a beautiful lamp shade that fitted my imagination and idea for the make over in it’s best way.
So have a look at that ugly bottom…this marble style was even out of style when my parents got it. But as I saw real potential when switching the color, I took it with me. Back then I had some bold bright color like turquoise in mind to make it pop. Anyway my current style now is more neutral and I’m about to switch our home to this style as well.
As preparation I cleaned the bottom with some cleaning solvent to make sure it’s clean and the paint will stick to it.
Lampe what you needLampe make overLampeI’m so pleased with the result. It has such a modern and chick charm and I don’t want to trade it for anything else. The bottom now looks like solid stone or cement or whatever you might call it. The hubs suggested to switch the cable and the switch as well as the color doesn’t fit. For now I’m hiding the cable really well. Perhaps some future place might ask for this adjustment.
Another beautiful piece for our home and the best about it is that I created - okay changed - some part of it with my hands and that feels so good and special.
The third project I was approaching during this crafternoon did not turn out well. I think there are some adjustments I need to make and only God knows when I find some time during holiday preparations and busy work days. But as you can seen it’s trial and error with the projects here. Anyway I hope to come up with this soon.
Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.
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  1. It's true right? Changing or making something yourself always feels so much better then just going out and buying it (although that can be deeply satisfying as

  2. Hello Jasmin, amazing grey redecorated lamp
    great result.
    Wishing you a happy Christmas


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