Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 what I want to do and Happy NEW YEAR!

A new year, new goals!
Resolutions are the kind of things you have forgotten about until halfway trough January. Honestly, no matter how we name it, there is a bit more pressure to it, when I tell you about my personal goals.
Hope it works for me, I keep you updated. :)
  • finding our family home…FINALLY. Hope this will happen soon in 2013!
  • getting fit in 2013 and establishing a workout routine for two evenings a week
  • do more ‘real’ dates with my hubs, having more special time together as it is so precious
  • learn new things like how to photoshop
  • meet my lovely friends more often, to spend some quality time with them
  • try to look more polished and put together in my everyday life getting further with finding my personal style
  • be more crafty as it is something I really enjoy but don’t have the proper space in our current apartment
  • do more experiments with new recipes in the kitchen, my goal is to try a new cakes or sweets firstly limited for January weekends
  • be more organized in everything I do and have something like a schedule
  • invest more time in decorating our current place to make us feel more home

So as the year is over in a few hours and we’re running now to attend a cosy New Years Eve party at a friends house. Everything left to say is that I wish a healthy, happy and lucky 2013 for all of you!
I feel great to know you around, even if I’m not all the time, but I try my best to improve in 2013! Without you it would just me doing some journaling ( which would be okay, but having you around is way more fun!!).
So cheers to 2013!!



  1. Hello Dearest Jasmin,

    Wishing for all of your target goal list can be success.
    and wishing you all the best
    warmly hugs

  2. A little late but nevertheless wishing you a wonderful happy and healthy 2013 Jasmin!! Hope it brings everything you want it to be!


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