Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday to all of you. This week hasn’t gone so well by now as it was really stressful and I was always short in time.
I stop by to show you some lively pins. The theme for this week is nightstands and I found some really lovely ones.
I find it really difficult to keep my nightstand clear of clutter and things that don’t belong on a nightstand. Basically it’s a night light and an alarm clock to get up on time in the morning. Most other things aren’t necessary and distract you from a deep and undisturbed sleep. Some fresh flowers however will help clean the air in your bedroom and make the setting more beautiful.  
What do you keep on your nightstand?

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

If you are curious what the other girls have pinned this week, have a look over at Michelle’s blog The Vintage Apple.

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  1. LOVING those nightstands!! Especially the pink one!! Came over from the linkup and I'm your newest follower!!!

  2. These pretty pins make my night stand look SO sad, lol! I want to redecorate, now!

  3. O nice! Sorry to hear it's been a stressfull week so hope the weekend will be better for you. My nightstand looks a mess most of the time. Stacked to the ceiling (well sort of) with magazines, notebooks and then there is the alarm clock and light too.. I usually end up putting it on the floor next to the nightstand. I'm terrible...

  4. What a wonderful mix of nightstands! Unfortunately mine is not very similair to those, it is more the messy kind of nightstand ;)
    Regards from Ol, Eva


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