Sunday, March 17, 2013

Washi Tape love for spring

I’m a bit late on the washi tape train but hey I was to stingy with myself to buy “some tape” for about 3,50€ per role. Okay, okay I got it. It’s a great invention with multiple use on nearly every surface in every thinkable way. Fine.

So I got a good bunch of tape roles to test my creativity. I found mine on Tchibo for 12,95€ for 10 different colors. That’s a pretty good deal I think and of course it was sold out right away.Washi Tape Love 

Let me show you what I did with it. Washi tape is really easy to handle, you can tear of the piece you want ( no scissors needed!) and stick it to anything and remove it really easy if you don’t like it that way.

I started with the window in our living room. It’s quite big so I had a lot of space to decorate so I started to tape the word “Frühling” which means spring in German. I like to have a message to look at everyday. Keywords or little quotes can be uplifting and a little reminder for anything. This can be transitioned easily to other seasons or moods. Perfect for expressing yourself.

Washi tape on my window

With my spring decorations I bought last weekend in Hannover I decorated some spring twigs.

Washi tape was part of it, too as I made little flags with just wrapping a piece around some twigs to spice everything up a bit. I haven’t made a photo of the flower vase in which I decorated with simple “x” with different styles of washi tape. Makes a plain and boring vase look more pretty immediately.


As I was doing my washi spree not even the candles where spared. The yellow one got a wrapper and the tea lights got their bottoms taped. The aluminium cups look much more friendly now.

Candle wrapper and tea light bottom

So that’s for now, but I’m sure there are millions of other ways to use this tape. I’m sure that I’m going to figure out many more ways to show you how I used it. 


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