Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oxblood and Mustard

So far I really enjoyed putting togehter fashion collages via Polyvore and will try to post a new outfit every Tuesday. Yesterday I finally figured out how to clip items from online shops to Polyvore. The funny thing is that I tried it with my standard browser Google Chrome and I think there is a Cookie issue I couldn't fixe yet. So I have to import my items via Internet Explorer, but it works. Yay!

Hope you have a great week so far. The snow has melted away completely today and the temperatures where mild and spring-like. It gives me some inspiration for outfits that don't tend to hide all parts of my skin to avoid being cold. Excited to do lots of more collages and getting into the spring vibe soon.

Oxblood and Mustard

Edc By Esprit cotton pants
$61 -

$175 -

$94 -

Zign Stiefelette oxblood
$66 -



  1. Ooo you've got to tell me how to do that.... I've been wondering how to make the Polyvore collages more personal instead of relying on what they have in the standard website. I'm working with Firefox though... But I should probably give it try first as I haven't even looked at it. The weather here is also a lot milder but today is terrible with loads of rain and storm!

  2. Hi dear, of course I can explain :) It's really really easy. Has to be because I figured it out all by myself ;o). Besides the cookie issue I am experienceing it is pretty much the same as pinning to Pinterest. ( sorry it is the German version) but you simply drag and drop the button to your favorites and get started :)

    I envy you for getting a whole lot of sunshine soon in Laos. Today it's crazy storm outside and I crave some cosy temperatures and sunshine. Have a good time!

    1. Thanks! I'll find the clipping thingie on Polyvore. Had no idea they had that! I'll be sending some sunshine your way!


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