Friday, January 25, 2013

Beautiful Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and some sweethearts are supposedly searching for a cute gift for their girls. As budget is tight most of the time and a tasty dinner – cooked at home or splurged on in a chic restaurant – lets our wallets get slim like a super model there isn’t much money left for a thoughtful little present.
Of course love isn’t all about the material things – we all know that – but a small surprise just makes my heart go quicker anytime. Just the gesture in itself is pretty much the best part about a surprise.
On Etsy I discovered a cute shop with different love and lucky symbols turned into delicate jewelry made by the jewelry designer Applelatte. It took me some research their Etsy page to find out that the shop and designer is located in South Korea. I’m not sure about customs but I might give it a try and find out to get one of those cuties…as hubs might not read this to get the hint. ;o)
Jewelery Applelatte Etsy3 kisses Jewelery Applelatte Etsy 4
I hope you have a great weekend doing lots of fun things. Weather over here is freezing cold. Lots of snow is left on the streets due to the cold climate. I’m already wishing for spring to start but then a quarter of our new year will be over already. So I think I better stick with winter days and enjoy a cosy afternoon at home with lots of tea and treats.
What are your plan?
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Jewelry images by Applelatte on Etsy


  1. All the snow is melted here by now... It might have gone for you too but it went away so fast I was kind of shocked! I will be celebrating Valentines day in Laos!!

  2. Yeah, the melting was so quick! It is like I went to work and looked out of the window and it was gone...wishing you a happy Valentines Day, cannot be better than celebrating abroad with your loved one! :)

  3. Ooooh I love that arrow necklace!


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